Flexible Instrumentation (Violins Only)

In the Elastic Orchestra, both the Viola and the Violin III books reinforce the Cello parts. The String Bass book is optional, and contains a simplified version of the Cello parts, with a longer rhythm. Consequently the music will sound complete, even with just the three Violin parts present. The Video below features a quartet of Violins only, playing piece #5, Passage to Asia:

And here is a midi recording of This Land is Your Land, also with only the Violin I, II and III parts present:

This Land is Your Land

Below is a copy of the Violin III part to This Land is Your Land. Notice the Bass Line at Letter A:


The sound of any ensemble may be completely balanced by assigning some strong players to the Second or Third Violin books. Have these strong players play the corresponding Virtuoso parts in the back of their books, and they will still be challenged regardless of which Violin book they are on. The following example is the Virtuoso Violin III part to This Land is Your Land. Notice that the Bass Line is still played at Letter A, and the optional Virtuoso part enters at letter B.


Click here to see a student performance of This Land is Your Land, featuring the Virtuoso Violin I part in the last strain.

The Elastic Orchestra currently includes books for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, and Piano/Guitar Accompaniment. We are however developing optional part books for winds and percussion, so that the Elastic Orchestra will be playable by a string ensemble, a full orchestra, or anything in between. Please contact us for more information.