Flexible Scoring System

Rubber Band Arrangements are scored to sound complete with practically any instrumentation! Here’s a video of piece #11 Amadeus, performed by a quartet of just two clarinets, one trumpet and one flute. It features the optional Virtuoso part on flute. Notice that all Bass parts are doubled in the lower register of the clarinet:

Click here to view sample parts and scores to Amadeus, and hear the piece performed by a 60 piece High School wind ensemble.

In addition, the First Alto Sax book doubles all trumpet melody parts. The video below features piece #5, Monster Medley, performed by an ensemble with no trumpets or low instruments:

The Second Alto Sax book doubles all Clarinet/Bass parts. By utilizing both the 1st and 2nd Alto Sax books, you can use your sax section to completely balance the sound of your band: