Elastic Orchestra

Students show you how the Elastic Orchestra works, with piece #6 – Rock On!:


The Elastic Orchestra is a collection of 19 highly flexible piece for beginning and intermediate string ensembles. (Companion books are currently being developed for winds and percussion.) The arrangements include important classical themes, holiday favorites, American classics, international folk music, and rock and jazz. These pieces are uniquely formatted to:

With the Elastic Orchestra, your students will study the musical components of the piece in unison (or simple 2-part harmony) on the Building Blocks page:


After studying the Building Blocks, your beginning and intermediate level string orchestras will literally sight-read their way through the Concert Piece:


The Elastic Orchestra also contains two sets of alternate parts, one for advanced students and one for beginners. Here’s the same piece, but for Virtuoso Violin I (Corresponding Virtuoso parts are found in the back of all student books.):


And for your beginners, here’s the One Finger Violin part:


One Finger parts use the open strings and first finger notes only, (0’s and 1’s), and are available for all instruments.

One Finger Parts may be downloaded for free as needed for your beginners that would benefit from them. Just click on Download One Finger parts, under the Elastic Orchestra menu.

Consequently, there are 3 distinct levels of material that may all be played simultaneously by different members of the ensemble:

Level 1 – One Finger parts              Level 2 – Regular parts                Level 3 – Virtuoso parts

Click here to hear the music, download sample student parts and conductor scores (includes sample Virtuoso and One Finger Parts), and view the Table of Contents.