Testimonial Columbia Union School District

“Rubber Band Arrangements is the ideal book series for ANY music program. In the ever-shifting landscape of our public school instrumental programs, this series is a perfect fit. The arrangements work well because of the various levels of parts, from the basic melody and harmony parts, Bonus Parts all the way to the Virtuoso books. As we all know, there are more advanced players and those who don’t practice a lot and this concept keeps ALL band students engaged. In addition to its playability, the series is very INEXPENSIVE which is very important during these tough economic times. I have found great success and I would highly recommend this series to any band director with a diverse group of students and not a lot of time to rehearse. Lastly, Steve Hommel has been more than willing to accept suggestions that have further benefitted me and my band students. Thanks Steve.”

Sincerely, Jeff Johnson, Director of Bands and Choirs, Columbia Union School District